Are you Ready for an Art Adventure?

I have spent the last two years exploring Digital Painting and I think someone has been keeping this from us.

I love traditional painting and I made a 20 year career of it. Digital Art has been confused with Graphic Design and Manga, but the tools available now make it seem just like real water color, or move just like an oil palette knife.

Digital Painting has endless possiblities for creativity and is only going to get better. All of these possiblities can make it seem not user friendly… unless you have a guide.


Welcome to my Studio, has become my saying on YouTube. It speaks to the mobility of Digital Painting. I can bring all of my brushes, paints and canvases with me in one tablet and sit and enjoy painting out in nature. It has been a pleasure 🙂

The fastest way to share what I have learned and help you become the Art Adventurer that you know you are, is to invite you to my studio to paint with me. This can be in person at classes or through zoom calls.

Everyone is in a different place in their Art Journey. Some are just starting and others have been painting for sometime. Painting together at your pace takes away the stress and puts the focus on the art.

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