In loving memory of a good friend

“The pain of pet loss is real, because the emotions you shared with your pet were real. The grief associated with pet loss is valid, because you didn’t lose a thing, you lost a someone, someone close and someone special to you.” ~ Sarah Hoggan DVM

An Artist that cares.

I hope to offer some comfort and healing and a little joy as we work together to create a treasured memory of your beloved pet. ~ Scott Stafstrom

There is no way to thank them for what they meant to you. A portrait is one way to honor the life of your beloved pet.

I create an incredibly detailed, black & white portrait with your help. You help me get to know your pet through stories, photos and videos. The final portrait is printed on canvas up to 16 x 20 and signed.

I am a traditional portrait artist that paints digitally. To create this level of detail with traditional paints would require a six by four foot canvas and would cost well over $3,000.

Your cost is $1250 and includes two additional canvas prints (a value of $350) at no additional cost. You will have three canvas portraits: one for home, one that you can give one away to a family member and one for  work too. You can decide.

Clients Spots Remaining for October (live)

Free Bonuses – Valued at $2,450

1. We include a video portrait at no additional cost.

This is a memorial video with your photos and video snippets along with a time lapse of the painting. Edited with music and uploaded to be available for viewing forever on my YouTube channel. Value: $1,200, Cost: Free.

2. You will have a private page at

This site allows you to purchase additional prints, in an almost unlimited size, frame and canvas/paper selection, and other items at cost (no mark-up). I upload all of the files and set up all of the options for you. Value: $300, Cost: Free.

3. Personalized messages for specialty items.

Graphic design work to add years to the image and any other custom message, for example “Remembering Coco”, as an alternative for printing on specialty items. Value: $750, Cost: Free.

Six steps to a treasured portrait.

Phone Call

Share your memories to help me get to know your pet. Call toll free: 888-650-6350. I will call you  back if I am out of the studio.

Gather Photos and Videos

I create a folder online that you can easily upload photos and videos for my reference. If you are local in the Orlando area, I am also available to come to you and look through your photos in person.

Portrait Sketch

Working from the stories and the photos and videos that you share, I send you a rough sketch of the portrait for your approval. Once you approve of the sketch, a small deposit of $100 secures your position for painting.

Begin Painting

I send you photo updates along the way of the progress of the painting. I am blessed to be booked weeks out, but if you have a special timing need, please let me know.

Final Review - Canvas Prints

After your final review, approval, and payment, the portrait is printed on the Canvases and signed – ready to be lovingly hung on your wall.

What Our Families are Saying

We waited too long to have this portrait painted of Coco. We have found some peace in paying tribute to Coco who meant so much to us. The portrait hangs in our home and we both have one at work too.

Coco’s Mom

Reliving some of these memories was not easy. I admit that I cried again, but it was healing in a way. Scott was very understanding and I felt that he came to know how important Lucy was to me and what a precious gift she was.

Lucy’s Mom

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do portraits take?

I work on a waiting list, first come first served basis. A $100 deposit secures you a place on my waiting list. I am blessed to be booked weeks in advance so if you have a specific date in mind, please let me know.

Why black and white?

There is an artistic look to the finished piece that enhances the “portrait” look of the artwork. Also, my work is meant to offer some healing as we honor your pet. Sometimes the realistic color renderings bring back a lot of emotions. I am willing to add color to the portrait at your request.

Do you work from photographs?

Yes. I love seeing your photographs and videos of your much loved pets. I require good quality photographs to work from which will enable me to create a realistic and highly detailed portrait capturing your pets character. These can be emailed to or through an online folder which I create for larger files and video.

Can I see what my portrait will look like?

I create ‘mock up’ layouts for you. These are done using a photo editing software. I can combine multiple photos, remove tack/collar, retouch photos, blur background etc. Things can be easily tweaked and I welcome any suggestions you may have and we can work together on creating something you can cherish.

When do I pay the balance?

I will send you regular photograph updates throughout the process so you can watch the portrait develop. Once you have received the final photograph of your portrait and you are happy with the end result the balance can be paid. Once I have received the balance payment, I will print the three canvas portraits for mailing.

Privacy Policy and Copyright

I will never share personal information disclosed by my clients to any third parties.

I retain copyright on all the artwork that I produce. Completed artwork will be displayed on my website and social media with the clients permission.

I am a pet and wildlife artist

I have painted a wide range of beautiful animals. I look forward to working with you to pay tribute to your beautiful loved one and hopefully offer some peace in the process.

Scott Stafstrom

The soul of every creature is in the palm of his hand. Job 1:12